In The Name of God

    Open your heart’s eye to see the soul and what you can’t see.
    Lovers considered the blindness as a value to see what their heart asks. They intended to come together to pick up some fruits from quranic garden.

    The Quranic and Cultural foundation view
    Thank god, the strangers lost training the blind people of this country after the victory of Islamic magnificent revolution and establishment of the holy regime of Islamic republic in Iran. On the other hand, there was no especial Quranic and cultural center for them. Then, the auspicious occurrence happened by the blind people for the first time in Iran and especially in Isfahan city. Therefore, the blind quranic and cultural foundation was established and began its activities in 1382 after consulting scientists, professors and clear-sighted people.
    This quranic foundation intends to respond to spiritual and instinctive needs of the blind sisters and brothers and to be a bridge to communicate more, easier and faster with the holy and @lightful Quran.

a.    Developing the vitalizing culture of holy Quran and the basic and advanced instruction of Quranic sciences in different aspects to the blind and other people.
b.    Recruiting and educating the experienced instructors to teach  Quranic sciences.
c.    Providing and producing educational and co-educational equipment of quranic sciences and Islamic public instructions for the blind.
d.    Holding local, national, and international quranic conferences and competitions for the blind and others.
e.    Making the blind attend and participate in Quranic competitions being held by different institutions and organizations.
f.    Investigating and making research on different ways of the development of Quranic activities in Iran and other countries.
    It is expected that all authorities, well-wishers and sympathizers of quranic and cultural areas to support this pleasant movement in different ways.

    A brief history of Institute activities  
1-    running the national project of the first general conference of counter-thinking about quranic activities for the blind and the self-devoted in Aban 1386 with the participation of scientists and governors in our country and more than 60 experts and specialists of the blind quranic sciences and with some topics including: pathology of writing and codes and codification of Braille Qurans. Corresponding  software and using information technology for the blind. Different ways of supporting blind  institutes and pathology of their cultural activities.
2-    quranic competitions for blind light hearted sisters and brothers in A. 1384, 143 participants, B. 1385, 164 participants, C. 1387, 200 participants.
3-    running the project of patching to the light for the participation of the blind in quranic competitions of quranic cultural center of Samen-al-a’emma with 86 participants and achieving 5 excellent grades; quranic competitions of pious foundations in 1385 with 90 participants and achieving 6 excellent grades; quranic competitions of Fulad Mobarakeh center in 1385 with 96 participants and achieving 12 excellent grades, in 1386 with 180 participants and achieving 16 excellent grades and in 1387 with 450 participants and getting 18 excellent grades.
4-    starting the blind quranic investigation and research center
5-    developing educational programs of Quranic sciences in various cities like Isfahan, Zarinshahr, Ghahdarijan, KhomeiniShahr, Shahreza, Musa Abad, Varnamkhast and Kashan in some fields such as rote reading, fluent reading, rhythmic recitation, quranic recitation, reading, retention, implications, quranic buds, choral recitation, quranic exegesis, teaching the moral principles and nahjul balagha.
6-    sending the blind talented Quran students and choral recitation group to sacred Mashhad in Khordad 1387 and playing some quranic programs by the sent group in Razavi sanctuary and other different places of sacred Mashhad.
7-    holding five ardency and mourning nights while reading Hadis Kasa and giving lecture to the public population along with martyrdom days of Fatemeh Zahra and decease anniversary of Emam Khomeini in Khordad 1387.
8-    holding the quranic meeting along with celebrating the birthday of Fatemeh Zahra for blind sisters.

    Future projects Developing and constructing the new location of the blind quranic and cultural foundation and enlarging its educational spaces.
1-    developing the Braille printing house of the foundation to print blind Qurans , instructive books of quranic sciences, books of prayers and wishes for the blind.
2-    running the countrywide project of the basic and advanced  training of quran for the blind.
3-    the project of the indirect and writing project of educational quranic sciences for the blind.
4-    running the project of light buds from 4 to 12 years.
5-    running the project of patching to the light in all provinces of the country.
6-    starting blind Quranic and cultural centers in other provinces.
7-    investigating and researching on the foreign advancements  of quranic sciences for the blind and using the equipment of each other in this respect.
8-    holding international quran conferences of the blind.